Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jessenia Robayo of the Mach 5

To forestall any questions about who I am, my name is JESSENIA ♥ with a well developed out look in life, but I have yet to see others individual fashion and creativity. 
One thing I must say is I have an artistic eye.
I see what I see ,
I wear what I wear , 

I feel what I feel , &
I have no tolerance for lack of self expression
There’s three places where my heart lands. Fashion , dance , and boxing give me a type of adrenaline . There’s no shyness near me I find life as a cherishing experience. I’m down for something new.

MACH 5 is where other young ones and adults come and unite as one to express themselves and let the world see their uniqueness , talents, and style. Something I’m now apart of (:

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