Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Zeko's 1st Birthday Weekend

So, my 1st birthday weekend consisted of one to many failures. Midtown Madness was a flop, space was pretty good, but it was not! 7000sq feet. Cops came dum early n shut that spot down, so after walking for abou an hour in the cold, we got 2 the 2nd party Wet Loft.The age was 19 and up so that was once againj a fail. My team decided to take a cab to 76th to a hotel party Parish told us about so after doing so, we got there to a smoke infested room, which nobody would have anjoyed staying in.. Im so glad like EVERYBDY Came out to spend that day with me because it was about the only thing from keeping me from severe depression, so THIS WEEKEND MY REAL BDAY WEEKEND IM TRYNA LIVE IT UP ! LETS GO MACH 5 PBFM ALL DAY...

Sum videos of the night..OHDEE FUNNY!

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